Yely Diaz is a full-time artist based out of San Fernando Valley, CA. She first discovered her love for drawing in middle school, where she would often pass the time by sketching images of lowriders for her friends. At the young age of 16, Yely committed to her first apprenticeship at Wicked Town Tattoos, where she eventually went on to achieve the position of a certified tattoo artist. Much of her work is influenced by her heritage and explores the rich layers of  the Chicano Culture. 

 She specializes in portraits, black & grey tattoos, acrylic paintings, and both pencil & ball point pen drawings. Her art has been highlighted in various renowned shows such as: TATUAJE, The Lowrider Super Show, El Velorio and many more. Yely currently splits her time between working out of her personal studio in Sun Valley, CA and providing her services to clients at Ink Bums in North Hollywood, CA.