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I’m a Mexican-American artist based out of San Fernando Valley, California. I’m a self-taught artist that discovered my love for art as a child. 

When I was about 14yrs old, a friend gave me a few Lowrider magazines as a gift. I grew inspired by the chicano culture and the people in the lowrider community. That was the first time I felt my style of art had a place in the world. The colors, murals and paint jobs that made up a lowrider gave me great inspiration. I fell in love with the way murals could tell stories without the need of words and how perhaps someday, I could also create my own stories through my art.

 In the year 2005, I committed to my first apprenticeship at Wicked Town Tattoo Studio where I later went on to achieve the position of a certified tattoo artist. I now specialize in black & gray tattoos, realism, custom designs and lettering. 

On my spare time I like to work on my own ideas, which could be anything from small drawings to large scale paintings. Some of my favorite mediums to work with include; acrylic paint, airbrush, ballpoint pen and pencil.

My art has been in various renowned shows such as: The High Art Of Riding Low at the Los Angeles Petersen Museum, The Lowrider Super Show, the LA DUB Show, TATUAJE, From Cali With Love at Collective Ink Gallery, Talk Is Cheap at Mi Vida Boutique in LA and many more. I currently split my time between painting at my personal art studio in Los Angeles, CA and providing tattoo services to clients at Ink Bums Tattoo Studio in North Hollywood, CA.  


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